Welcome to the first Monday Walking Programme of the New Year (and of course a new Decade)!

We hope you enjoy this selection of walks and are able to join us as often as possible!


The January – April 2020 Brochure is now available, both here, on the Catalysts Facebook Page and you can collect a paper copy from Calry Church if you’re in the area.

The October 2019 to January 2020 Wlks Programme is now available!

It is also live on our Facebook Page and you can always collect paper copies in The Catacombs if you’re passing by Calry Church.

Keep your fingers crossed for kind winter weather!

Welcome to the Casual Cats September to December 2019 Thursday Programme.

We look forward to meeting our friends old and new!

Please remember our Annual Registration morning will be on Thursday 12th September from 10.30am until noon.

This will aslo be our Hospice Coffee Morning, so please give as much as you can for this very worthy cause!

The June to September Walking Programme.

Sorry this copy is a bit crumpled. It travelled through Portugal in my rucksack!

As soon as I have a better copy I will upload it.







The Thursday Programme for May 2019 is now available.

You can see it here below, on our Facebook Page.

Or you could pick up a paper copy next time you’re passing by Calry Church on The Mall.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon.


The new February to June Walks Programme is now available above.
Or on our Facebook Page or you can collect a paper copy from the Catalysts at Calry Church anytime you’re passing by.

Please note that on Thursday November 15th, one of our members, Steve Taylor, will be telling us all about Liverpool Football Club!